Assisi Retreat with Mirka Kraftsow

June 10-17, 2020

Tammy has been assisting Mirka Kraftsow with her regular pilgrimages to Assisi since 2012, and the upcoming event in 2019 looks to be an amazing gathering!

Details and registration for the 2020 Retreat can be found on Mirka’s site

In September 2012 and June 2014, Tammy assisted Mirka Scalco Kraftsow in organizing the Path to Wholeness retreat in Assisi, Italy. Twenty-five participants joined us for a retreat inspired by the history and energy of Assisi and the lives of St. Francis and Claire. You are invited to watch an amazing video filmed during the retreat, which captures the serenity and joy from a week filled with Yoga and Grace. For more information on Assisi 2015 (June 11 – 19), please visit viniyogalife for details.   You can also read the blogs about the retreats  from September, 2012 and from the 2014 retreat.  There is a day by day description of events and insights from the week.

For more information on future Assisi retreat, please go to