Yoga for Wellness & Self-Care with Mirka Kraftsow

An Immersion into the Art of Personal Practice 

May 18 – 19

Easter special Registration – (12 hours) 275 Euros until April 22 (normal price 300 Euros)




Daily schedule
9:00 – 12:00 Morning session
14:00 – 17:00 Afternoon session

The immersion is a deep dive into wholeness with integrated practices involving movement (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), Mantra, Mudra, Body Prayer (Nyasa) and Meditation. 

The Pancha-Kosha (five layers) model is an ancient way to understand the multiple dimensions of the human system:  The physical system, Vitality, Intellect, Personality, and Heart.  Mirka will bring these ancient teachings into clear focus for this moment in your life.  She will focus on the wonder of ‘ordinary’ life when we are able to consciously witness the world around us and feel grounded in our place within it.

These systems are not separate but interconnected and dynamic.  Understanding each individual system and how they work with the others is the foundation of wholistic Yoga practice and therapeutic applications of Yoga practices.

Each day, we will be guided to understand how each of these systems manifest in our own system through theory and direct experience.  We will also have the opportunity to experience practices designed to support these systems.

About Mirka

Mirka Scalco Kraftsow, E-RYT-500, C-IAYT, has studied with some of the great yoga masters of our time, including Sri Krishnamacharya, TKV Desikachar and Gary Kraftsow, with whom she co-founded the American Viniyoga Institute.   In her early twenties, she was initiated into active meditations and ecstatic ritual dancing by the unorthodox Indian mystic Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), and later became a student of Tibetan tantric yoga with his Eminence Kalu Rinpoche, Situ Rimposche, and Lama Tenzin in Maui, Hawaii. 

She is gifted with both the capacity and the passion to creatively communicate ancient teaching in modern context.  Her students come from all walks of life and find a home in the richness of Yoga tools that Mirka helps them uncover.   In group classes and immersions, she uses her extensive background to integrate body awareness and imagery with traditional Yoga practices. Mirka’s own experience and intuition strongly influence her teachings, as do tradition, creativity, innovation, and evolution.
Mirka has trained hundreds of yoga teachers around the world.  Now based in Sebastopol, California, she teaches yoga, provides yoga therapy, and leads retreats, seminars, and workshops in the United States and Europe, including semi-annual yoga pilgrimages to Assisi.  Her teaching balances experience with intuition, tradition with creative innovation.

She has consulted on several successful Yoga studies nationwide, and developed material with Gary Kraftsow for his two books “Yoga for Wellness” and “Yoga for Transformation.