Zen Practice & Accommodations at ZCR

ZCR Schedule

Zen Center Regensburg (ZCR) offers the opportunity of morning and evening chanting and meditation practices to those who wish to get acquainted and immerse in the Zen practice.

Our daily schedule commences with the 4:30 wake up bell followed by 108 bows at 5 o’clock. This practice signifies the first connection of the day with our breathing as the repetition of movement through breath tunes practitioners in a mutual rhythm and releases the sleeping patterns of the previous night.

At 5:30 follows chanting which is a communal attuning through sound preparing thus body and mind for the sitting practice releasing any thinking activity, offering the unique opportunity of personal insight without the attachment on thoughts and allowing for a clear overview of thinking patterns.

The morning practice concludes with breakfast in silence in our communal kitchen where the practitioners experience the meditative state of taste and smell just before we all break up for our daily schedule.

The evening practice resumes at 19:00 with chanting and sitting meditation releasing us from the day’s busy schedule and offering us the chance to recentre once again and get in contact with our inner truth before night’s sleep.

Accommodations at ZCR during the “Anatomy of Vinyasa” workshop with Leslie Kaminoff

ZCR can offer accommodations to those who wish to experience this amazing way of communal living in shared rooms to approximately 13 people.   Those interested in staying at ZCR are expected to participate in the full day’s schedule of zen practice before and after the Yoga workshop.

The price includes communal sleeping quarters (bedding provided), zen practice, and breakfast.

Price: 40€ per night

To register for this unique experience of immersion in Temple-style living, please contact Niko Michos – zcr.ashtanga@gmail.com